Toronto’s Top Desserts of Summer 2016 | Tsujiri Matcha Desserts

Welcome to our latest blog series featuring our review of the top desserts of summer 2016 in Toronto. You’ve seen countless photos of these desserts on Instagram, but do they live up to the hype? Follow our blog series to find out!

Tsujiri is a global chain that was founded in Japan known for their matcha desserts. Tsujiri’s store in Toronto is its first in North America and is suitated amongst many other popular Japanese restaurants and dessert shops at Bay and Dundas. The design of the store is beautifully done, with wood panels lining the walls both on the exterior and interior of the store.

We decided to try the Tsujiri sundae with matcha softs erve, mochi balls and red bean. You can taste the matcha powder flavour in the softserve, however it tasted watered down and could be much stronger, especially for a matcha specialty store. The mochi balls were soft and paired well with the sundae. Rating: 3/5

We also had the yuzu citron float which was a yuzu flavoured slush with soft serve ice cream on top. We chose to have the vanilla + matcha twist for the soft serve. Again, the soft serve lacked strength in the flavour but most disappointing was the lack of flavour in the yuzu ice. Rating: 2/5

Even though Tsujiri was arguably one of the most hyped desserts of 2016, there is a reason why the line is no longer 1+ hour long. For the high price tag, we definitely didn’t get the quality that we expected.

147 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C5
Twitter: @tsujiri_global
Instagram: @tsujiri_global

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