Good Catch Lobster

If you’re looking for a great spot to catch some seafood and watch the game, look no more! Good Catch Boil House is a new Louisiana-inspired seafood restaurant and sports bar located in the heart of Markham conveniently located at 179 Enterprise Blvd. Traditionally, seafood boil restaurants only serve seafood boiled in plastic bags with the occasional dishes on the side such as fries, chicken wings and fried rice.  Good Catch Boil however does not only serve the traditional seafood boiled in plastic bags, but also includes a very refreshing twist to the menu. Our first impression when we entered was how spacious the restaurant was. There wereRead More →

Oyster Platter

Two full hours of learning about oysters, how to properly shuck them and also the opportunity to eat 18 oysters? Sign us up! We were recently given the amazing opportunity to attend Oyster Boy’s Shuck U program and we walked away both impressed with the program and our bellies satisfied with the fantastic oysters. Oyster Boy has been a neighborhood favorite in the Queen West area for quite some time, and we were excited to be invited to attend their Shuck U program. The program is a full two hours, where the staff & employees at Oyster Boy do their best to teach the audienceRead More →

Boil-in-a-bag Cajun & Asian-inspired seafood has recently been a big hit in the 6, with The Captain’s Boil leading the charge in opening two locations. Afraid of long line-ups at The Captain’s Boil? Need not fret, as we have a new entry in this latest food trend with the arrival of The Boil Bar! Please note: in this review there will be many references and comparisons between The Boil Bar and The Captain’s Boil, but this is inevitable due to the fact that they both run very similar operations and themes. Situated deep in Silver Star Boulevard in Toronto, the restaurant’s seating arrangements and overallRead More →