Do you have a sweet tooth like us?  Then you have fair warning.  Eva’s Original Chimneys now has a brick-and-mortar location! As some food truck aficionados know, Eva’s Original Chimneys started off as a food truck at various events around Toronto, including the Evergreen Brickworks, where the lineups were insane as Torontonians couldn’t get enough of their “doughnut cones”. After this widespread success, fast-forward in time and the move from just a cramped food truck to an actual physical location was a natural progression.   We met the owners of Eva’s Original Chimneys, Kristin and Justin, at their recent soft opening of their new locationRead More →

Sweetery is an annual sweets-only food festival hosted to promote and showcase confectionary and culinary arts in the Greater Toronto Area. This year is the second year that Sweetery is running, and it has expanded from a small parking lot last year to David Pecaut Square in the heart of Downtown Toronto. There were a variety of vendors at the festival, and as part of the media tour we had a chance to sample a few of the offerings. First item on the list were french style pastries baked and crafted by students from George Brown College Chef School. Our favourite by far was theRead More →

Welcome to our latest blog series featuring our review of the top desserts of summer 2016 in Toronto. You’ve seen countless photos of these desserts on Instagram, but do they live up to the hype? Follow our blog series to find out! Eva’s Original Chimneys is a food truck serving soft serve ice cream in a Hungarian pastry, aka “chimney cone”. The chimney is made with a dough wrapped in a spiral, cooked in what looks like a rotisserie grill. These cones were definitely the most Instagram’d desserts this summer. We caught them when they first launched these cones at the Evergreen Brickworks on their truck,Read More →