Origination Noodle

Origination Noodle House has been a staple of the noodle scene for a few years now in downtown Toronto. This is their first foray into the Scarborough neighborhood, with a new restaurant located on Silver Star Boulevard, near the Milliken GO station. Origination Noodle House is somewhat special, as they specialize in making noodles from the Yunnan province of China, specifically a style called “Crossing-the-Bridge”. This type of noodle is different from what you would expect, as the ingredients are prepared separately from the soup base. Once the dish is ready to be served, the soup is cooked and the ingredients are added immediately toRead More →

Spicy Mafia is the sister restaurant to popular hot pot chain Morals Village. Main difference? They cater to a younger, hipper crowd, and instead of it being all-you-can-eat, it’s now priced upon the number of portions ordered. Did we mention that they also serve noodles at Spicy Mafia? The menu cleanly outlines the steps involved in ordering your mini hot pot combo: you pick a soup base, some staple food, some meat, and some dipping sauce. The basic combo comes included with the aforementioned items alongside included toppings, while ordering additional items cost extra (e.g. additional meat, seafood, soybean made dishes, etc.). A similar processRead More →

Originally posted on Markham Food We’re Janice and Joel from Blunt Food Review and we enjoy eating – we eat out A LOT! The next logical step to this was to start blogging about our gastronomic adventures. We like to keep things short and simple (a.k.a. BS-free), and we know most people do as well when it comes to food; hence Blunt Food Review was born. Eating in Markham is always a hit-or-miss. With so many noodle choices it’s easy to walk into a random restaurant and be disappointed. We just wish that we had a list of these ‘misses’ early on, which is whyRead More →