Sweetery 2016: Toronto’s Annual Dessert Food Festival

Sweetery is an annual sweets-only food festival hosted to promote and showcase confectionary and culinary arts in the Greater Toronto Area. This year is the second year that Sweetery is running, and it has expanded from a small parking lot last year to David Pecaut Square in the heart of Downtown Toronto.

There were a variety of vendors at the festival, and as part of the media tour we had a chance to sample a few of the offerings.

First item on the list were french style pastries baked and crafted by students from George Brown College Chef School. Our favourite by far was the almond croissant; the croissant itself was very light and flaky and it matched very well with the filling which was not too sweet. The best part was the crunchy edges. Rating  4.5/5

Next item on the list were butter tarts from Andrea’s Bakery (@andreasbakery). They had several butter tarts available: classic, raisin and pecan.  We tried the classic butter tart pie. Instead of having flaky crust, the butter tart pie had a more cookie/pie like crust. Overall the butter tart was very good but was a tad too sweet for our liking. 3/5

One of our favourite vendors at the festival was Daan Go by Baker Siu. They had 3 Asian inspired macarons: Rare Tofu Cheesecake Cow (豆腐芝士), Maple Lap Chong (臘腸) and Duck Egg Custard (流沙). The tofu cheesecake macaron was amazing and super rich in flavour! Out of everything at the Sweetery festival this was our favourite. Rating 5/5

Next was the Kinako flavoured shaved ice from Ohmygori. This was a nice and refreshing dessert. It wasn’t too sweet and it felt very light. Definitely would eat it on a day where I am craving dessert but don’t want anything too rich or heavy. Rating 4/5

Cool Beans Iced Coffee (@coolbeansto) offered a decked out iced coffee with oreo bits, half an ice cream sandwich, wafer and chocolate syrup, however, we only had the opportunity to try the regular plain iced coffee. The coffee is good itself had a strong dark roast flavour Rating 4/5

Next was the ice cream sandwich from Carla’s Cookie Box. The waffle cookie was nothing special, but the gelato was creamy and the level of sweetness was perfect. Rating 3/5

Another vendor offering an ice cream sandwich was Bake Three Fifty (@bakethreefifty). Overall the ice cream sandwich was average; the cookie was a bit stale and the ice cream was nothing special. Rating 2.5/5

Lastly, we had the Ex-Treme cone from Eva’s Original Chimneys (@ogchimneys) which is only available at the CNE! In it is vanilla soft serve with pretzel and caramel bits, topped with caramel drizzle, pretzel bits, caramel popcorn & a large pretzel. Make sure you try this at CNE! Rating 4/5

It was great to see a wider variety of vendors and options to satisfy our sweet tooth this year. Looking forward to see what Sweetery brings next year!

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