Welcome to our latest blog series featuring our review of the top desserts of summer 2016 in Toronto. You’ve seen countless photos of these desserts on Instagram, but do they live up to the hype? Follow our blog series to find out! Bar Ape (pronounced “Bar Ah-pay”) has been a Toronto standout for quite some time now – you may have noticed them selling their handmade gelato bars out of their imported Piaggio Ape truck all around Toronto. It used to be quite challenging trying to locate their truck, as you would need to be constantly monitoring their Twitter or Instagram account, but fret not as they’ve finallyRead More →

We were delighted to be invited to Delysees’s “Summer Rendezvous”, to celebrate the launch of their new line of mini pastries and desserts. Delysees is known to be one of Toronto’s top authentic French pastry shops, and we were excited to take a sneak peek into their new offerings. The menu for the evening consisted of an impressive assortment of tarts, cakes and eclairs. We started with the lemon meringue tart and double dark chocolate mini choux. The lemon meringue tart had the right amount of tartness and tasted just like how a lemon meringue should, but nothing more stood out (3.5/5). The chocolate miniRead More →

TO’s Finest (www.tofinest.com) is host to the $5 Sweet Tooth Crawl from June 2nd till June 30th. Their tagline reads “4 weeks. 12 shops. 12 dessert dishes. Each only $5”. Sounds great, right? But hold on, there’s a slight catch. In order to be a participant in the Sweet Tooth Crawl, customers need to download the TO’s Finest app off the Apple or Google Play app store and spend $10 to purchase a food crawl passport. Only with the purchase of a food crawl passport will you be able to have access to these $5 dessert dishes. (Disclaimer: TO’s Finest was kind enough to grantRead More →

Boil-in-a-bag Cajun & Asian-inspired seafood has recently been a big hit in the 6, with The Captain’s Boil leading the charge in opening two locations. Afraid of long line-ups at The Captain’s Boil? Need not fret, as we have a new entry in this latest food trend with the arrival of The Boil Bar! Please note: in this review there will be many references and comparisons between The Boil Bar and The Captain’s Boil, but this is inevitable due to the fact that they both run very similar operations and themes. Situated deep in Silver Star Boulevard in Toronto, the restaurant’s seating arrangements and overallRead More →

As much as we love eating, we also love trying out different recipes at home and trying not to burn down the kitchen! We were excited to learn about Chef’s Plate, a Toronto based company that provides fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door. Keep reading to find out how you can try Chef’s Plate yourself for free! Each week, 6 recipes are released and you can pick 2-3 meals depending on the plan you subscribe to. You’ll receive a box of fresh groceries portioned for the meals you’ve selected, and a detailed recipe card to follow. The ingredients stay fresh in the refrigeratedRead More →

Mysteriously Yours is Toronto’s only interactive dinner theatre and has put on murder mysteries for 28 years. Expect funny, friendly actors and an entertaining show with the current theme: “Spy School!: Mission Ridiculous”. A three-course dinner selection was served prior to the show with complimentary tea and coffee. Chefs soup of the day: Cream of spinach and potato topped with scallion and parsley oil. The soup was creamy but erred on the salty side. 3/5 M.Y Salad: Arugula with roasted chickpeas, shredded carrot, feta, and lemon-tahini dressing. A basic salad but the combination of chickpeas and lemon and tahini dressing went well together. 3/5 Chicken in white wine sauce: TenderRead More →

Originating from Vancouver, Miku is a very popular Japanese-themed restaurant known for their aburi-style sushi. They are able to draw long lines at their Vancouver location, but will they be able to meet the high expectations that Torontonians have after hearing about all the hype? Read on and find out! Located by the Harbourfront at Bay and Queens Quay, Miku Toronto houses a seating area that allows diners to look into the city. The bar area is nestled inside near a glass wall with tapestry that has similar designs to that of the Vancouver location. It is also here where the sushi chefs are onRead More →

Love Gelato is a cute little shop on Main St Markham serving quality gelato, sandwiches and desserts. We had the opportunity to meet the two owners, Daniel and Vlad, who were extremely welcoming and down to earth. They have two key values they uphold for Love Gelato, customer service and quality of product. The owners frequently travel to try alot of gelato as part of their goal to make their gelato the “best gelato you’ve ever tasted”. Love Gelato’s gelato is vegan, peanut free and gluten free, and everything in the shop is homemade except for the macarons which are sourced from a local bakery.Read More →

Cactus Club Cafe originates from Vancouver and has locations all over British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Led by Iron Chef champion Rob Feenie, the menu items are globally inspired, with a focus on using fresh and sustainable ingredients . Working in downtown Toronto, I’ve walked by the Bay and Adelaide almost daily and have noticed the construction at this spot for almost a year. It doesn’t surprise me now that construction took that long; the space is absolutely beautiful and well thought out. The Toronto flagship restaurant is located in First Canadian Place and occupies over 15,200 square feet and boasts three distinct dining conceptsRead More →

Korean fusion is all the hype these days and Han Ba Tang is one place that does it well. Han Ba Tang, meaning “one full round” in Korean, seems like a small and inconspicuous restaurant from the outside, but is full of character on the inside. The restaurant decor is unique and has a relaxed feel, where you can sit and enjoy drinks and snacks for hours. We were introduced to Chae, the owner of the restaurant who was super sweet and welcoming. Chae had a vision to open a restaurant that showcases authentic Korean food with beautiful presentation, especially to those who haven’t triedRead More →