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Origination Noodle House: Specializing in Yunnan & Crossing-the-Bridge Noodles

Origination Noodle House has been a staple of the noodle scene for a few years now in downtown Toronto. This is their first foray into the Scarborough neighborhood, with a new restaurant located on Silver Star Boulevard, near the Milliken GO station.

Origination Menu

Origination Noodle House is somewhat special, as they specialize in making noodles from the Yunnan province of China, specifically a style called “Crossing-the-Bridge”. This type of noodle is different from what you would expect, as the ingredients are prepared separately from the soup base. Once the dish is ready to be served, the soup is cooked and the ingredients are added immediately to the broth before it is served. This ensures that the ingredients stay fresh and the noodles do not become too soggy. We got to sample a variety of their dishes, including their Crossing-the-Bridge noodles, some Yunnan specialty noodles, and also some appetizers.

Origination Noodle Appetizer

The Chilled Shredded Chicken was a good starter item,with its large portion acting as a good shared appetizer. The chicken was shredded into very fine thin slices, alongside the tofu slices and the green onions. Only minor complaint was that we found the chicken was shredded inconsistently, as there were a few bites of chicken bone included in the dish.

Origination Noodle

Origination Toppings

Our favorite amongst the various Crossing-the-Bridge noodles was the Tom Yum Goong – the soup base had a great kick to it without it being too spicy at all. The large amount of fresh ingredients available, alongside the large portion and low price meant that this was truly a best-bang-for-buck noodle dish!

Origination Rice Noodle

The Tofu Rice Noodle was also a standout, with its large portions of tofu accompanied by a thick glaze. Once mixed together, the tofu, sweet sauce, minced pork & pickles combined to make a swirl of cool summer flavours.

Origination Dishes

In summary, the quality of the ingredients and broths were definitely above average (they said they ship their ingredients straight from Yunnan). From a cost-to-portion perspective, the dishes here were all winners as we felt that each dish could definitely be shared between two or perhaps even three people. We will be back for sure to try some of their other dishes!

Overall Rating: 4 / 5
Price: $ – Large portions at a great price
Food: 4 / 5 – Yunnan noodles with specialties such as the “Crossing-the-Bridge” noodles
Service: 3 / 5 – Fast and efficient service, nothing stands out
Decor: 3 / 5 – Clean decor typical of a Chinese restaurant

Origination Noodle House
633 Silver Star Boulevard, Unit 119, Toronto, ON M1V 5N1
Instagram: @OriginationToronto

Our meal at Origination Noodle House was complimentary but opinions are our own.

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