Event with Me.n.u Food Truck, MarkhamFood and FeedMyPhone

On October 4th we were invited to an Instagram meetup hosted by @MarkhamFood and @FeedMyPhone, which was held at the Me.n.u food truck headquarters. After trying some of Me.n.u’s menu offerings at Night It Up this past summer, we were excited to sample more of their items at this event.

This event was unique as they featured different savoury and sweet food stations. First up was the DIY rice ball station – creating your own Me.n.u rice ball (Rating: 3.5/5)! Stuffing for the rice balls included mozzarella cheese, braised pork rib and edamame. They had a variety of sauces and toppings to choose from. We chose kimchi, garlic mayo, green onions, pineapple and crispy onion bits. The rice balls were lukewarm after lining up for them, it would have tasted alot better hot and fresh from the fryer.

Next we tried the Nutella green tea crème brûlée (Rating: 3.5/5). Unfortunately it sounded better than it tasted. The Nutella at the bottom was a little too watery and ended up being a weird combination with the crème brûlée. The custard itself was creamy but on the watery side, and could have used a stronger green tea flavour. The caramelized top, however, was at a good thickness and added a lovely crunch to the custard.

Heading outside, the Me.n.u food truck was parked and serving kimchi pulled pork poutine (3.5/5). The fries were crispy and the gravy and cilantro mayo tasted great with the pulled pork.  We also got to tour their truck while they were busily preparing the food. The Me.n.u crew is super friendly and fun, it was great to meet them and watch them do their thing!

Last but not least, we finished the afternoon with some delicious gelato from Love Gelato (Rating: 4/5). I had the fig and pear flavours, which are all made from fresh ingredients. You can really taste the freshness and flavour of the pear and fig, not to mention all the fig seeds so you know it’s the real thing! The fig is seasonal and is only available for a few more weeks.

Thanks again to @MarkhamFood and @FeedMyPhone for hosting such a fun event, and for @menufoodtruck and @love_gelato for providing the amazing food. It was a blast trying the variety of food items, tour the Me.n.u food truck, see some familiar faces and meet some new Instagrammers as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the next #instameet!

Check out Markham Food’s blog for their coverage of the event!

Me.n.u Food Truck
Website: http://menufoodtruck.ca/
Twitter: @menufoodtruck
Instagram: @menufoodtruck

Love Gelato
75 Main St N, Markham, ON L3P 1X7
Website: http://www.lovegelato.ca/
Instagram: @love_gelato

Website: http://feedmyphonetoronto.blogspot.ca/
Instagram: @feedmyphone
Twitter: @feedmyphone

Website: http://markhamfood.ca/
Instagram: @markhamfood
Twitter: @markhamfood

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