Let’s Go To The EX! Highlights of the Food at CNE 2016

The Canadian National Exhibition is an annual tradition that has not changed much over the years, but one thing that has is the variety of creative food creations patrons have to choose from. We tried three items from the lengthy list of outrageous food that the 2016 edition had to offer.

The first sampling was the Churro Cheeseburger; a partnered creation of Epic Burgers & Waffles and I Love Churros.  The description of the burger: a beef patty (actually two broken half patties) used sandwiched between two churro buns – immediately reminded me of the McGriddle sandwich from McDonalds, a combination of savoury meat sandwiched in between a sweet bun. The first noticeable thing was that the churro buns were not made to order (so it seemed) as one would expect.  The bun was undercooked and had a mushy consistency you would not expect from I Love Churros. The beef patty was nothing to bat an eyelash at. While it was seasoned well, it wasn’t enough to enhance the combination of the undercooked, doughy buns and the ordinary toppings: lettuce, tomato, and processed cheese. 1/5.

The second sampling was the Roast Beef in an Edible Bowl of Eat My Bowls. From the photos of this offering, we envisioned a small tart-sized “clean snack”, but it turned out to be significantly different. What was an attempt at a eater friendly version of Yorkshire Pudding with roast beef and gravy, turned out to be an oversized, overly chewy bowl of tough-to-chew roast beef and horseradish. Not only was the dish tough to cut into and chew, but the amount of gravy provided was only a quarter of what one would expect. 1/5

For dessert, we had the Dessert Nachos from Nacho Libre. The was the redeeming part of the three course meal. The sweet offering was a combination of nachos topped with Nutella, strawberry puree and bananas. The flavours worked very well together, but the portion was far too large for a dessert and it would have been nice to see a portion half the size and half the cost (we didn’t finish the entire dish). The strawberry puree was fantastic, not too sweet, but added a nice hint of tartness that paired well with the Nutella, and the saltiness of the nachos. Lastly, the addition of banana slices was nice, but the thickness of the cut was about three times what one would expect. 3/5

There were many other crazy offerings at the CNE this year that we didn’t have a chance to try, such as the deep fried cricket hot dogs and spam double down. Let us know in the comments below what you tried and what your blunt food review would be!

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