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Good Catch Boil House – Seafood Boil and Oyster Bar in Markham

If you’re looking for a great spot to catch some seafood and watch the game, look no more! Good Catch Boil House is a new Louisiana-inspired seafood restaurant and sports bar located in the heart of Markham conveniently located at 179 Enterprise Blvd.

Good Catch Exterior

Traditionally, seafood boil restaurants only serve seafood boiled in plastic bags with the occasional dishes on the side such as fries, chicken wings and fried rice.  Good Catch Boil however does not only serve the traditional seafood boiled in plastic bags, but also includes a very refreshing twist to the menu.

Good Catch Interior

Our first impression when we entered was how spacious the restaurant was. There were multiple flat-screen HD TVs, an oyster bar, a communal sink conveniently located in the center of the restaurant for customers to wash their hands after eating and a wide selection of craft beers on tap from local Ontario breweries (18 different beers!).

Good Catch Oyster Bar

The event started with us mixing and mingling with all the other foodies and feeding our phones and cameras with the delicious display of all the different menu items from Good Catch Boil. 

Good Catch Photos Good Catch Statue

We had the opportunity to taste a range of items from Good Catch’s menu. First on the list was the Gumbo Soup. It was flavourful and was loaded with a lot of seafood. However it was a little too salty for our tastebuds. Second on the list was the beautiful Good Catch Slaw, which was a refreshing slaw consisting of 17 fresh ingredients. A very light yet flavourful option on the menu! We definitely enjoyed the slaw as it really helped work up an appetite for the other items.

Good Catch Slaw

Next on the list was the mouth watering Lobster Roll served with Cajun Fries!  There were two options, one cold (with mayo) and one warm (with butter), both options were very delicious! Our favourite was the warm option cause we love butter! The fries were a nice addition to the lobster roll.

Good Catch Lobster Roll

For some seafood boil we had the Dungeness Crab boiled with curry! The curry itself was very flavourful, however again, we thought it was a bit too salty for our taste, but was a good balance when eating it with the crab meat. The crab meat was nice and fresh! We also had the Shrimp boiled with Good Catch Blend. We thought the sauce on its own was good, but when we ate the shrimp, it didn’t feel like the flavour stuck around. The shrimp did not retain the sauce well enough.

Good Catch Seafood Boil

Good Catch Shrimp

Next on the menu were the Mussels with Garlic Butter. Again maybe it’s the butter, but we really enjoyed eating this. There was an overwhelming garlic flavour but it’s a good mix with the mussels.

Good Catch Mussels

Last on the menu was the Cajun Seafood Fried Rice. This was one of our least favourite items. The texture of the rice was lack of a better word, mushy. We didn’t really taste much flavour besides it being pretty spicy.

Good Catch Rice

After dinner we had the pleasure to meet of meeting Patrick McMurray, the world record holder for most oysters shucked in one minute (38 oysters)! He also gave us lessons on shucking oysters. Overall, Good Catch Boil is a great spot to hang out for some good seafood and watching the game! We really had a great time at the Media Event. We met a lot of great passionate foodies and bloggers. Everyone had a great time, thank you Good Catch Boil for the invite!

Good Catch Decor 2

Good Catch Decor

Guest review by James of @foodoshi

Good Catch Boil House
179 Enterprise Blvd #109, Markham, ON L6G 0A2
Instagram: @GoodCatchBoil
Twitter: @GoodCatchBoil

Our meal at Good Catch Boil was complimentary but opinions are our own.

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