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Game of Cheese: Japanese Fusion in Richmond Hill

From the head chef of Kaka All You Can Eat, a new cheese-inspired Japanese fusion restaurant has opened in the heart of Richmond Hill. We joined Chef Frank and team for an afternoon of demonstrations and good eats at the Game of Cheese.

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Game of Cheese was originally a restaurant featuring cheese fondue, however after considering some customer feedback they evolved their menu to include other Japanese-Italian fusion dishes that are comforting and affordable. Their menu offers 9 different types of pizza and 10 types of pasta with Asian-inspired flavours such as Chicken Kaarage Pizza, Seafood Omurice Pizza, and Seafood Linguine.


Chef Frank provided a demonstration of Game of Cheese’s signature Shrimp Tempura Pizza, with a curry base and topped with crunchy shrimp tempura and Japanese mayonnaise. The combination was extremely unique and worked surprisingly well. The curry base was not overly salty and was balanced out with the sweet Japanese mayonnaise.


We also saw a demonstration of their Black Truffle Carbonara Tagliatelle which contained both white truffle oil and black truffle paste, topped with parmesan cheese and a sous vide egg. He definitely didn’t skimp on the truffle! The dish was extremely fragrant and mouth-watering.

After the demonstrations, we were served a few appetizers and entrees from the menu. For appetizers we had the arancini balls, which were underseasoned and underwhelming. The Chicken Kaarage Pizza with sweet onions and pineapple was an interesting spin to a Hawaiian pizza. Unfortunately the fried chicken was a little soggy and not crispy at all. Lastly, we had the seafood linguine with white cream sauce which was extra flavourful on top of angel hair pasta, and had a plentiful amount of shrimp, scallops, mussels and squid, and higher quality imitation crab meat which did not taste starchy at all.


Although not made of cheese, Chef Frank has also created some sophisticated desserts for guests to enjoy, such a multi-layered decadent chocolate tart, and a lychee panna cotta with sake jelly.

Game-Of-Cheese-Chef-Frank  Game-Of-Cheese-Lychee-Pudding

Yes, the dishes do have a generous amount of cheese served with it but we would not say that Cheese is the main ingredient in any of the dishes here. With so many items on the menu, we found that there was a lack of focus in the dishes especially with the appetizers and desserts. However, for a hearty pasta or pizza with a homey taste and a Japanese fusion twist, we would recommend checking out Game of Cheese.

Game of Cheese
505 Hwy 7 Unit 50, Thornhill, ON L3T 7T1
Instagram: @game.of.cheese

Our meal at Game of Cheese was complimentary but opinions are our own.

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