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Fresh and Affordable Italian at TOSTO Quickfire Pizza Pasta

TOSTO Quickfire Pizza Pasta recently opened shop in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion district and we were fortunate enough to be invited to a media event for the launch of their flagship location. We got to mingle with other food bloggers and learn about the franchise’s history from the owners, all the while sampling their many dishes from their plentiful menu.

Tosto Interior

The recently opened location is located at Richmond St. W. & Spadina Ave and can be easily spotted from a distance with its large, bright sign and the interesting doors made from shipping containers. The open-concept interior is spacious, with adequate lighting and a large number of seats available to accommodate even the largest of parties.

Tosto Entrance Tosto Entrance 2

We learned from Brand VP Michael Lublin that the whole concept behind TOSTO is to provide a family-friendly environment where anyone can sit down or order takeout from a wide variety of authentic, tasty and hearty italian dishes at very affordable prices. These dishes range from salads, to sandwiches, to their specialties cooked fresh in their pizza parlour and pasta bar.

Tosto Dishes

We had a try at a few of their dishes and our bellies were satisfied by the end of the night.The Pomodoro pasta was light yet flavorful, with its tomato sauce and roasted cherry tomatoes. We found this to be a “best bang for buck” dish with its price-point at a mere $10!

Tosto Pomodoro Pasta

At a higher price point, you can find the Nero pasta on the menu. The squid-ink linguine is again very well portioned but with more ingredients to make up for its higher price, such as shrimp and salmon caviar. We felt that the linguine itself lacked flavor as the other ingredients overpowered the squid-ink taste.

Tosto Nero Pasta

The Funghi pasta was also something we really wanted to try; with a $14 price-point, it’s the cheapest pasta we’ve ever seen on a menu with truffle oil as a main ingredient! Unfortunately this was a bit disappointing as the truffle taste wasn’t very evident in the flavor profile of the dish; it was not as strong as we anticipated. We are able to find Fungi pastas from other restaurants where pricing may be slightly higher (i.e. only $5 more) but with much more truffle flavor.

On the pizza side of the fence, we got to sample the Margherita pizza and the Funghi Misti pizza. Again, both offerings were very plentiful in portion. The Margherita pizza was solid overall, since you can never go wrong with the classic Margherita pizza. For the Funghi Misti pizza, we felt that it was very similar to the Fungi pasta: truffle flavor wasn’t very strong and if we paid a bit more at other restaurants, we could get pizzas with a more prevalent truffle flavor.

Tosto Funghi Misti Pasta Tosto Margherita Pizza

Overall, we feel that TOSTO is very successful in achieving its goals in serving as a fresh Italian food provider at very affordable costs to their customer segment. It may not be a restaurant where you would go out of your way to visit if you live afar, but if you’re ever in the neighborhood then it would not be a waste to give it a try!
Special thanks to Feed My Phone for inviting us to the event and also to TOSTO for hosting us!

TOSTO Quickfire Pizza Pasta
431 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1X9
Instagram: @tostoquickfire
Twitter: @tostoquickfire

Our meal at TOSTO Quickfire Pizza Pasta was complimentary but opinions are our own.

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