A Sweet Summer Rendezvous with Delysees

We were delighted to be invited to Delysees’s “Summer Rendezvous”, to celebrate the launch of their new line of mini pastries and desserts. Delysees is known to be one of Toronto’s top authentic French pastry shops, and we were excited to take a sneak peek into their new offerings.

The menu for the evening consisted of an impressive assortment of tarts, cakes and eclairs. We started with the lemon meringue tart and double dark chocolate mini choux. The lemon meringue tart had the right amount of tartness and tasted just like how a lemon meringue should, but nothing more stood out (3.5/5). The chocolate mini choux had an excellent dark chocolate flavor, but the puff pastry seemed slightly soggy (3.5/5).

Next up – the eclairs. The presentation of all the eclairs were exceptional, however the cream filling was a little bland for each of them and again, the puff pastry did not taste fresh enough (3/5). Another slight pet peeve – the gold from the gold eclairs stick to your lips and it’s quite hard to wipe off!

The mini strawberry and mango cheesecakes had a strong fruit flavor and a delicious cookie crust, but unfortunately couldn’t taste too much of the cheese flavor (3/5). The praline and hazelnut truffles were decadent and absolutely delicious. The milk chocolate praline rocher tasted just like a giant Ferrero Rocher! (4/5).

The macarons were definitely the standout of the evening. We were in love with the Grange of Prince Edward champagne filled macaron and the crimson berry tea macaron. They were bursting with flavor and had a delicate soft texture (5/5). Definitely going back for more of these!

Overall we were quite impressed with Delysees’s new summer offerings. The small size of each dessert gives you the opportunity to try a variety of different desserts. Each item is delicately crafted and almost makes you not want to break into it – but once you do, you may end up trying the entire menu!

780 King St West
Twitter: @delyseestoronto
Instagram: @delyseestoronto

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