Dazzling Cafe: Feast your eyes, but not your stomach

Originally from Taiwan, Dazzling Café North York, also known as Dazzling Café Pearl, is the second Dazzling Café to open in Canada. The Toronto location follows the Vancouver location opening just by one week. The restaurant has recently extended their hours to serve lunch from 11:30am.

DazzlingCafeInterior1 DazzlingCafeInterior

Each Dazzling Café around the world has its own colour theme, while staying true to the brand’s key elements such as the bunny ear chairs and other featured furniture and décor. The color theme for the North York location is pink and grey, chosen by the Shini, the owner. This location also boasts a large space, with a dining space on the main floor and a private dining area on the upper floor. The upper floor is also used during the week for private events and classes for small groups.

DazzlingCafeUpstairs DazzlingCafePrivateRoom

The menu items at the North York location are unique to this location, designed by the head chef of the Dazzling Café chain from Taiwan.  These items were specifically created and tweaked for the North York location. The presentation of the menu items, such as the waffles and brick toasts, have been redesigned and elevated based on items from the other locations.


Dazzling Café is famous for their honey brick toast – stacks of thick cut toast dipped and fried in honey, topped with whipped cream and toppings of your choice. We tried the mango brick toast which on their special summer menu, only available while mangoes are in season. The servers were happy to help with disassembling and serving the toast to each guest at the table. The toast itself had nice light crunch with a hint of sweetness, but the sweetness of the whipped cream was overpowering. We also noticed that there were only 5 pieces of mango for the entire toast, which felt un-proportioned to the size of the towering toast.


While Dazzling Café is mostly known for their desserts, they also offer a number of drinks and entrees. We had a taste of their truffle mushroom pizza, and bacon and poached egg spaghetti. The truffle mushroom pizza had a strong aroma of truffle, and the pita crust was thin and crispy. The size was much smaller than we expected, and the top of the pizza had pools of oil on it. Needless to say, the pizza tasted quite oily but as promised, had a strong truffle taste to it.


The bacon and poached egg spaghetti was a pleasant surprise. The perfectly poached egg mixed with the sauce made each bite creamy and hearty, and the bacon added to the seasoning of the dish. The pasta was cooked al dente. The portions were quite small for the price.


A recent addition to the North York Dazzling Café is the take out window, where customers can order from a shortened take out menu if the prefer not to be seated in the dining area. A few new menu items were introduced for take-out, such as the honey toast take-out cup. We tried the Nutella and Strawberry take-out cups, which had layers of whipped cream, honey toast and Nutella/strawberries. Surprisingly the honey toast remained crispy but we found it difficult to finish due to the amount and sweetness of the whipped cream.


Dazzling Café is easily accessible via the Sheppard-Yonge subway station; they’ve also recently partnered with 45 Sheppard Ave. East to provide parking for customers. Rates are as follows:

Spend over $30 for 30 min of free parking.
Spend over $60 for 1 hour of free parking.
Spend over $100 for 1.5 hours of free parking.

Be sure to mention that you’re visiting Dazzling Café to the parking staff, then request a reimbursement from the restaurant for the parking fee.

Overall, Dazzling Café North York is a comfortable spot for catching up with friends and taking fun photos with the décor. However, although the food is quite photogenic, the taste overall is at most average. We’re confident that if more focus and attention was put on the quality of the food, Dazzling Café North York could potentially be one of the top dessert cafes in the Yonge-Sheppard area.

Overall Rating: 2/5
Price: $$
2/5 – Not many dishes stood out, room for improvement all around
Service: 3/5 – Provides extra service such as cutting honey toast but service can be slow
Ambiance: 4/5 – Cute, instagrammable décor for those who don’t mind a feminine feel

Dazzing Café Pearl (North York)
37 Sheppard Ave E, North York, ON M2N 7K1
Instagram: @DazzlingCafeCanada


Our meal at Dazzling Café Pearl (North York) was complimentary but opinions are our own. Thanks to Sweven Media for inviting us to try Dazzling Cafe North York!

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