Chef Graham Elliot x Walmart #Steakcation

There’s no doubt for many of us, Walmart is known as a one-stop shop for almost anything you need. But did you know you can also get quality groceries from Walmart? We had the opportunity to join Chef Graham Elliot and Walmart Canada for an evening of steak and tacos. We learned some great tips about making our own summer steak tacos and tasted for ourselves the quality of ingredients that Walmart offers.

In the spirit of summer, when we arrived at the event we were immediately greeted with margaritas. After mingling and taking photos with Graham Elliot, he proceeded with his cooking demonstration and taught the audience how to grill the perfect steak. He cooked 3 dishes for us while imparting his steak cooking and plating knowledge to us hungry fans.

We had a sampling of a couple of tacos with added toppings of our choice. With Walmart’s 100% Canadian AAA Angus beef, the steak tacos were succulent, fresh and incredibly juicy. Paired with other fresh produce such as red cabbage, tomatoes and basil, the tacos truly made the perfect fresh summer snack!

Thank you, Walmart Canada and Graham Elliot for hosting such a fun and educating event!


Originally published on Good Food Toronto.

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