Toronto’s Top Desserts of Summer 2016 | Bar Ape

Welcome to our latest blog series featuring our review of the top desserts of summer 2016 in Toronto. You’ve seen countless photos of these desserts on Instagram, but do they live up to the hype? Follow our blog series to find out!

Bar Ape (pronounced “Bar Ah-pay”) has been a Toronto standout for quite some time now – you may have noticed them selling their handmade gelato bars out of their imported Piaggio Ape truck all around Toronto. It used to be quite challenging trying to locate their truck, as you would need to be constantly monitoring their Twitter or Instagram account, but fret not as they’ve finally opened a small store on Rushton and St. Clair!

Not only are they offering their famous gelato bars, but they also now produce soft-serve gelato with flavors that rotate on a frequent basis! We’ve sampled their staple classics such as the lemon gelato bar and also their ginger and lime sorbet twist soft-serve. Flavors are tart, bold and authentic to their origins – it was as if we were eating limes, ginger and lemons! The gelato bar comes with a shell that is perfect

in terms of durability; it does not fall off as you bite into the gelato bar. The texture of the gelato is also soft and creamy. Likewise for the soft-serve, the texture is also creamy and very delectable. In summary, if you’re in the neighborhood on a hot summer day, you should definitely cool yourself down by having some Bar Ape! We give it an outstanding 4.5/5 rating.

Bar Ape
283 Rushton Rd, Toronto, ON M6C 2X6
Instagram: @bar_ape
Twitter: @bar_ape

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