Assembly Chef’s Hall aka The Avengers of Toronto’s Food Scene

What do you get, when you assemble some of Toronto’s most hyped restaurant chefs & baristas? You get Assembly Chef’s Hall, where 17 chefs from some of Toronto’s hottest restaurants serve up their signature dishes! The 18th spot acts as a rotational pop-up for local & visiting chefs to test new concepts.

Some highlights from the launch party include:

1. Mini Bara-Chirashi from Shari, by Chef Jackie Lin. We were pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the sashimi but a bit alarmed by the high prices for each bowl of chirashi – hopefully they’ll be able to maintain the quality once Assembly Chef’s Hall is fully open to the public

Assembly Chef's Hall
Photo: Vito Amati/Ryan Emberley Photography

2. Chilled Tofu with homemade Chilli Oil from Ramen Isshin, by Chef Koji Zenimaru. A light & refreshing snack that has a well-balanced flavor due to the tofu acting as a blank canvas to the chilli oil’s spicy kick. It will be interesting to see if this dish stays as a menu item after grand opening, since tofu may not offer much value for money in the downtown core.

Assembly Chef's Hall

3. Beef Khao Soi from Little Khao, by Chef Chantana “Top” Srisomphan. A great menu offering from one of the best Thai restaurants in Toronto – I’m happy to say that the high degree of quality you’ve come to expect is still evident. It’s definitely a must-eat!

Assembly Chef's Hall

4. Beef Alambre, Baja Fish & Barbacoa tacos from Colibri, by Chef Elia Herrera. The Baja Fish was decent, with a light batter and crunchiness accompanied by the juicy fish. The Beef Alambre was average – the texture was tad too dry and could be juicier. The Barbacoa was disappointing overall, due to the fact that the braised lamb shoulder tasted much more gamier than we liked and ruined the taste of the dish in general.

Assembly Chef's Hall

5. Boho Gnoc from Resto Boemo, by Chef Ivana Raca. We appreciated the handmade nature of the ricotta gnocchi, but we felt that the texture of the gnocchi was too mushy and lacked tenderness. The mushroom truffle cream was also too light in flavor and failed to stand out.

Assembly Chef's Hall

6.Double chocolate mini cupcake from Short and Sweet Bakeshop, by Pastry Chefs Ness & Orli Levy. The double chocolate mini cupcake really lives up to its name – the cupcake just oozes chocolatey goodness without being too overloading or too sweet. The chocolate cream on top was light in nature, and balanced the heaviness of the cupcake bottom.

Assembly Chef's Hall

Overall, there were more hits than misses at the Assembly Chef’s Hall. We were mostly surprised at the high degree of quality offerings from all the chefs, and we can’t wait to come back for more to try out their regular menu offerings!

Assembly Chef's Hall

Assembly Chef’s Hall
111 Richmond St. W, Toronto, ON M5H 2G4
Instagram: @eatassembly
Twitter: @eatassembly

The food & drinks provided at Assembly Chef’s Hall Launch Party were complimentary but opinions are our own.

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