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Welcome to our latest blog series featuring our review of the top desserts of summer 2016 in Toronto. You’ve seen countless photos of these desserts on Instagram, but do they live up to the hype? Follow our blog series to find out!

A new summer dessert trend has hit the city: Thailand-inspired ice cream! What makes it so special? The ice cream, while in liquid form, is poured onto a cooling table which hardens the ice cream into sheets. The sheets of ice cream are then scraped off the cooling table into rolls, which are then served to the customer! Arctic Bites is one of the first to popularize this trendy ice cream style in the city.

Arctic Bites serves a variety of Asian-inspired flavors, ranging from taro and black sesame to Thai iced tea, but they also have staple favorites such as earl grey and strawberry. Unfortunately, all of the different ice cream flavors come with preset toppings, so if you like to customize your toppings you’ll be out of luck. We ordered the Thai iced tea and found the flavors to be rich, albeit a bit too sweet for our liking. If the flavors were a bit tarter, it would make the ice cream much more refreshing to the tongue. Also, with the intense summer temperature, the ice cream rolls are prone to melt very quickly and become a sticky mess while outside. Is it worth the 1.5+ hour lineups? Maybe not, because we feel that there are now many other alternatives in Toronto which also serve Thailand-inspired ice cream that are also worth trying. We give it a solid 3.5/5 rating.

Arctic Bites
21 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T 1L1
Instagram: @arcticbit​es
Twitter: @arcticbites_

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